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Company Name: Anhui Henning Saint Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact name: Calvin Yu
Main region covered: Anhui
City: Hefei
Address: No.3333 Hangzhou Road, Baohe Area
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Contact Tel: +8615961224191
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Services offered : Manufacture
Description of services: Anhui Henning Saint Technology Co., Ltd. (AHST) is a leading company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative sorting and processing solutions. With a strong commitment to technological advancement and customer satisfaction, AHST has established itself as a trusted name in the industry.
AHST is dedicated to providing cutting-edge sorting machines and equipment across various sectors, including food processing, agriculture, recycling, and more. AHST offers a wide range of advanced sorting technologies, such as color sorting, shape sorting, and defect detection, to meet the diverse needs of our global clientele.
At AHST, we prioritize quality and precision in our products. Our sorting machines incorporate advanced imaging systems, intelligent algorithms, and customizable parameters to ensure accurate and efficient sorting of items based on specific characteristics. Whether it's grains, nuts, seeds, plastics, or other materials, our solutions deliver consistent results and enhance product quality.
AHST takes pride in strong research and development capabilities, continuously striving to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Our team of experienced engineers and technical experts work closely with our customers to understand their unique requirements and provide tailor-made solutions that meet their specific needs.
Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business philosophy. AHST provides comprehensive after-sales support, including installation, training, and maintenance services, to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of our equipment. The commitment to excellence has earned AHST the trust and loyalty of customers worldwide.
AHST is your reliable partner for advanced sorting and processing solutions. Contact us today to explore how our innovative technologies can optimize your operations, enhance productivity, and elevate the quality of your products. Experience the difference with AHST.

Company Name: PT Pacs
Contact name: Erik Cahaya
Main region covered: Anhui
City: Anqing
Address: Jl. Batang Kasang No.112, Alai Parak Kopi, Kec. Padang Utara, Kota Padang
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Services offered : Office Supplies
Description of services: We supply copy paper A4 from various brand and high quality

Company Name: havitsteelstructure
Contact name: havitsteelstructure
Main region covered: Qinghai
City: 0
Address: Zhangjialou Industrial Park 266319 Qingdao People's Republic of China
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Email Address:
Web Address: http://
Services offered : Builders
Description of services: Havit Steel Structure specializes in designing and fabricating steel structure buildings in China. Our expertise lies in creating robust and innovative steel structures that meet the diverse needs of our clients. Keywords: Steel Structure Steel Structure Building Prefab Steel Warehouse Metal Buildings

Company Name: eagerledscreen
Contact name: eagerledscreen
Main region covered: Guangdong
City: Guangzhou
Address: Building C, Zhongyu High-Tech Industrial Park, Heshuikou, Matian, Guangming, Shenzhen, China
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Contact Tel: 153 6103 8665
Email Address:
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Services offered : Electrical Wholesale, Electronics, Business Opportunity
Description of services: EagerLED is a leading LED screen manufacturer & supplier, you can get the 24/7 hours after-sales service and technical support. LED display factory with more than 7 year of experience, contact!

Company Name: Shenzhen WenTaiDa Electronics Co.
Contact name: Shenzhen WenTaiDa Electronics Co.
Main region covered: Shanghai
City: Shanghai
Address: Xinyu Road, Xinqiao Street, Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen
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Contact Tel: +8613694962386
Email Address:
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Services offered : Electronics
Description of services: WEN TAI DA offers a one-stop shop: effective advice, new and in-house developments as well as computer hardware and monitor customized solutions.

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