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Company Name: Spire Research and Consulting
Contact name: John Tan
Main region covered: Shanghai
City: Shanghai
Address: Shanghai Spire Research and Consulting Pte Ltd Jin Mao Tower, 31st Floor No. 88 Century Avenue, Pudong Shanghai 200120, China Hua Min Empire International Plaza 728 West Yan’an Road, Suite 10A1 Shanghai 200050, China Beijing Spire Research and Consulting Pte Ltd Level 1201-110, China Resources Building No. 8 Jianguomen North Avenue Beijing 100005, China
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Post Code: 200120
Contact Tel: (86 21) 6225 1166
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Business Consulting, Marketing and Advertising, Market Research
Description of services: Why we were founded
Spire Research and Consulting was established in 2000 to address a gap in the research and consulting industry in global emerging markets. Unlike most agencies that focus on traditional consumer research, our founders saw a profound need for holistic research projects.

These projects integrate traditional customer research with knowledge of the broader business eco-system to support strategic decision-making for market growth and entry; for instance, competitors, channels, legal and regulatory factors. Our studies provide indispensable tools for creating business plans, setting sales quotas, quantifying budgets and investment as well as making product launch decisions.

Spire exists to undertake such projects with distinction.

Who we are
Spire is an independent firm, owned by the directors who lead its ten full-service offices. That independence means that we do not push branded, cookie-cutter research solutions on our clients. Instead, we tailor each research program to deliver only what is needed for the decisions that really matter.

What we are
At Spire, we build on strong fundamentals in the form of a great team and great processes. We believe that the towering heights of excellence are attained from this solid foundation. Like the sharp pinnacle of the spire, Spire is at the leading edge in research execution and client service. Spire is also the strategic market research firm that reports the truth to our clients – without fear or favor.

We are committed to being the best knowledge partner our clients can find. Spire offers professional expertise and a deep wealth of knowledge about holistic, strategic research. Our expertise is used to create customized research that supports our clients in the areas of marketing, sales, business development and profit improvement.

Our core capabilities lie in researching the external environment that conditions our clients’ business performance. Not only does Spire deliver conventional types of customer and industry research, we also provide “meta-research” and knowledge management, enabling our clients to better manage and analyze their existing data.

Who our clients are
Spire has worked with over 50 Global Fortune 1000 firms to solve strategic market growth and entry problems – with the majority of them engaging us on multiple projects and across multiple countries globally. We have also worked with government agencies located in over 15 countries to support export promotion, foreign direct investment attraction and policy formulation programs.

Where we are based
Spire’s footprint spans 18 Asia-Pacific countries as well as the global emerging market regions of Latin America, Russia/CIS/Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa – collectively, the world’s fastest growing region since 2001.

We are the only firm of our kind to be based in, and to focus primarily on, global emerging markets.

Most emerging countries have commonalities that affect research activities; such as a lack of reliable published data, a lack of transparency in industry value chains, as well as cultural and legal issues that impede access to honest customer insights.

A relentless focus on solving emerging market research challenges is a central part of who we are at Spire.

Company Name: Leisto Industrial Co.Ltd
Contact name: International Sales Department
Main region covered: Guangdong
City: Shenzhen
Address: Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, 518129, China
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Post Code: 518129
Contact Tel: 0086-755-29472883
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Industrial Supplies, Wholesale, Electronics
Description of services: Soldering Iron Tips for All Famous Brands with the rich experience in the industry and get quality soldering tips at very with Top Quality Soldering Tips Supplier.

Company Name: maikeautoparts
Contact name: maikeautoparts
Main region covered: Guangdong
City: Gaozhou
Address: NO.488, Nanfang Yongfu International Plaza, NO.35,Yongfu Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City,Guangdong Province,P.R.China
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Post Code: 510000
Contact Tel: +86-20-85170310
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Business Opportunity, Cars
Description of services: is leading supplier of car accessories, car parts and other automobiles products. We are located in Chinese economic centre and international port city Guangzhou.

Company Name: Asiapro Gifts
Contact name: Asiapro Gifts
Main region covered: Chongqing
City: Chongqing
Address: 876 Jiangsu Rd, Building 2, Ground Floor
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Contact Tel: +862162119928
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Gifts and Occasions
Description of services: Asia Pro Gifts is a top integrated Asian supplier of promotional products that provides innovative marketing solutions for the advertising specialties industry. We have a collective experience that makes each one of us a professional in our respective field. We are able to offer you the best on-demand services and logistics management logo printing, packing according to your design and requirements, design services, translation services, boxes according to your logistics needs, full service delivery of your orders.

Company Name: LEISTO Industrial Co., Limited
Contact name: Bernice Hickey
Main region covered: Guangdong
City: Shenzhen
Address: Room 307, 2nd Building, Zhongtai Industrial Park
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Contact Tel: (0086) 755 29472883
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Electronics
Description of services: LEISTO is an Industrial and Trading integrated company located in China, founded in 2007. We manufacture soldering tips and trade electronic tools to the factories around the world.We provide not only goods, but also service; we are more than happy to help you to resolve problems within our ability. Contact our sales representative or service representative for help.

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