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Company Name: Essential Group
Contact name: Karmela Christy
Main region covered: Shanghai
City: Shanghai
Address: Suites 1601-1602, oocl plaza, 841 middle yan an road
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Post Code: 200040
Contact Tel: 862162475755
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Services offered : Finance & Legal, Offshore Banking, Investment
Description of services: Essential Finance is a leading independent financial advisor. Central to their offering is an award-winning online platform featuring interactive financial planning tools, information on best-in-class savings products, and management and valuation services for both new and existing investments.
By combining the highest levels of personal service with the latest technology, Essential has been delivering the very best financial solutions to the expatriate market place for close to 20 years. Services include an automatic fund-switching service that has outperformed all of the major indices since launch, and an instant online investment valuation system that is accessible 24/7. is unique in that it is fully integrated with the world's leading customer relationship management system to ensure that Essential's clients continue to receive the very best service wherever they might be, both now and in the future.
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Contact name: VIVID IMAGING
Main region covered: Beijing
City: Beijing
Address: 11838 Canon Blvd., Suite 500
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Contact Tel: (615) 301-8620
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Services offered : Medical Services
Description of services: VIVID IMAGING is an ISO certified Medical imaging & equipment repair & service provider for MRI Coils, Contrast Injector Systems, X-Ray Equipment, Ultrasound Probes, Diagnostic & Radiology equipment.

Company Name: TJT Survey
Contact name: Frank Chen
Main region covered: Taiwan
City: Taipei
Address: 8F., No.49, Tianshui Rd., Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan R.O.C.
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Post Code: 103
Contact Tel: +886933230005
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Services offered : Surveyors, Business Consulting
Description of services: 3D laser scanning is the prominent vehicle for harvesting 3D data with high fidelity and low processing time in its own environment. 3D enables us to place our clients in the virtual reality of planned projects or improvements, giving you the ability to analyze assembly, fit and finish, design issues, and most importantly, variation factors, saving you a substantial amount of time and costs. Our clients are able to tackle key issues at the developmental stage, without interrupting operations or risking unreliable equipment adjustments.
Our end goal is to empower our clients to identify future obstacles and resource conflicts, avoid timing delays, quality setbacks, while reducing shutdown, managing costs, ensuring lower labor costs and saving crucial time and resources - ultimately increasing profit margins.

Company Name: IMS
Contact name: Steve Grant-Wilson
Main region covered: Shanghai
City: Shanghai
Address: Suite 13G, Shanghai Ind’l Investment Bldg. 18 Cao Xi Bei Rd, Shanghai 200030, China
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Post Code: 200030
Contact Tel: 86 21 21 6427 5570
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Services offered : Recruitment, Business Consulting, HR/Recruitment
Description of services: Interim Management Solutions provides senior Interim Management services for organizations that may need executives on a short or long term basis to strengthen their executive team, lead a project or programme, provide an injection of skills that are lacking, or to simply transform their business.

Interim Management Solutions has been developing, screening and nurturing a talent pool of Managers and executives who have extensive experience in handling complex short to long term challenges that occur periodically in business operations in China. Their pre-vetted global executive talent bank lets them quickly identify the right candidates much faster than traditional executive headhunters do.

Why Interim Management?

In the past, many companies in Asia have approached Management Consultancies when they wish to gain external (and presumably objective) advice and access to the consultants’ specialized expertise. However, many executives who initially think they need a management consultant ultimately decide to deploy an interim manager. This is because unlike consultants, interim managers are loyal to your business objectives and as they work on a referral basis, they strive to achieve the highest standards. They also have a bigger impact on your business as they take a more hands-on approach rather than just an advisory role.

When would I use an Interim Manager?

There are a number of different situations when the need for an Interim Manager can arise. Interim Management Solutions has placed candidates in a variety of different roles in different situations. Typically these could be situations such as:

Crisis management
Sudden departure
Managing change or transition
MBOs and IPOs
Mergers and acquisitions
Project management

They may also be the interim solution whilst you search for a permanent local Executive Manager in China. All of Interim Management Solutions’ Interim Managers are available on short notice and usually have over 15 years experience in that particular field. Their teams of consultants, specializing in different industries, are dedicated to ensure the Interim Manager is placed in timely fashion.

Why Interim Management Solutions?

With a huge portfolio of Multinational Companies and Fortune 500 clients in numerous different industries, Interim Management Solutions has the experience to successfully place executives in any type of industry. They currently hold the largest database of expatriate executives in China. As a division of JM Gemini Personnel Ltd, one of successful and longest running recruitment agencies in China, they have great experience in screening and developing talent for the needs of companies operating in China.

They are specialized, but not limited to the following industries:

Heavy Industrial Equipment Mftg
Paper & Packaging Industries
Pharmaceutical/Medical Companies
Audit/Insurance/Financial Institutions
Advertising/Media/PR Agencies
Transportation/Logistics/Shipping Companies
IT Industry
Mechanical/Electrical Equipment Mftg
Legal Profession
Chemical/Petro-Chemical Industry
Automotive Industry
Building and Construction Industry
International Trading Companies
Engineering and Many Others

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Company Name: Skilled migration to Australia
Contact name: Lin Suni
Main region covered: Shanghai
City: Shanghai
Address: 118 Ruijin Road, Luwan, Shanghai, 200020
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Post Code: 200020
Contact Tel: 021-64725232
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Education
Description of services: Skilled migration to Australia for Chinese Students & professionals. The IELTS test and studying in Australia - MLL Educational Services offers counseling for students from China.

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