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Company Name: ORIDOW
Contact name: Harry Smith
Main region covered: Fujian
City: Fuzhou
Address: Qingkou town, Minhou District, Fuzhou
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Contact Tel: 86 137 5516 7195
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Services offered : Building Materials, Home and Garden, Doors
Description of services: We offer high quality aluminum and UPVC windows and doors to different parts of the world.
Contact us to get aluminum windows and doors imported in bulk.

Company Name: Padre Electronics co limited
Contact name: Ruy Liu
Main region covered: Shanxi
City: Shuozhou
Address: Yuetong industrial park,Lghua district,Shenzhen 518109,China
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Contact Tel: 86 755 29184180
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Services offered : Wholesale, Business Opportunity, Business Opportunity
Description of services: Apart from customizations, Padre Electronics also offers a wide range of LiPo batteries for you to choose from according to capacity, size, voltage, temperature, and more. We are a full-service manufacturing company that will help you design, produce, and ship batteries directly to you. We can transport our lithium batteries to you through leading courier companies.

You can choose a door-to-door express, airport to airport, or seaway for further convenience. With over 15 years of experience, Padre Electronics offers powerful design and manufacturing ability on lithium polymer batteries. All our batteries are carefully tested before shipping by our experienced LiPo R&D team. If you are looking for high-quality LiPo batteries at a great price, don't hesitate to contact us with your requirements!

Company Name: Stv Valve Group Co. Ltd.
Contact name: Shing Taio
Main region covered: Beijing
City: Beijing
Address: China Stv Valve Group Co., Ltd. is situated in Yongqiang High-Tech Industrial Park, nicknamed “China Valve City” in Longwan, Wenzhou. It is also known as the birthplace of China’s private economy. It is also a key backbone of high-tech new valve production integrating design, research, and development, manufacturing, sales, and service.
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Contact Tel: 8615157766245
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Services offered :
Description of services: STV is a leading China Gate Valve manufacturer and supplier with fast delivery and competitive price. It has rich experience to provide gate valve solutions to the water, mining, power generation, irrigation and general industries.

We provide a wide range of products including Butterfly, Gate, Knife Gate, Ball and Check valves, in various materials, to handle a wide range of industrial processes and applications.

Company Name: Umeox Innovations Co, Ltd
Contact name: Umeox InnovationsCo, Ltd
Main region covered: Guangdong
City: Nanhai
Address: Floor 19, Block A, Building 8, Shenzhen International Innovation Valley Phase III, Dashi 1st Road,
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Contact Tel: +86-13424354916
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Services offered : Business Consulting, Business Opportunity, Business Consulting
Description of services: let us build one of the best Qibla watches in the world together.

Company Name: Hubei Wanglin New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact name: Hubei Wanglin New Material Technology
Main region covered: Hebei
Address: No. 3, Yangguang First Road, Tuodao District,
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Contact Tel: +8615863477700
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Services offered : Chemical product, Chemicals , Chemicals
Description of services: We provide competitive and reliable products, solutions, and services to customers in various fields, constantly creating value for customers, unleashing the personal potential within the company, stimulating organizational innovation, and constantly creating wealth for employees. Hubei Wanglin New Material Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing unsaturated polyester resin. The company registered capital of 100 million yuan, and the leading technology depends on Wanglin New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and its subordinate production bases.
We have many series and more than 300 kinds of products, such as continuous winding pipe, coating resin, molding, artificial stone resin, light plate, vinyl resin, and so on, which are widely used in lightweight engineering, environmental protection engineering, rail transit, wind power energy, energy-saving building, home decoration, and other national economic fields. For more information, Visit us or call us at 86-15863477700.

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