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Company Name: LastingSafe
Contact name: LastingSafe
Main region covered: Yunnan
City: Dongchuan
Address: N/A
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Services offered : Business Consulting
Description of services: "LastingSafe is a leading manufacturer and supplier of physical security products in
China. Our main products cover various types of safe deposit boxes, vault doors,
vault rooms, private vaults and other security products, which are sold to more than
40 countries and regions in the Southeast Asia,the Middle East, Europe, American,
Africa, etc.
The core of our business is to develop,manufacture,test the market security products
with a focus on the best available physical security using the most up-to-date
materials and innovative design. With 20 years production experiences,we are able
to make precise products with reliable quality,which have passed the relevant both
China and International Safe Standard Testing.
LastingSafe headquarter is located in HuNan province on the middle of China.We
are dedicated to your safety of your valuables on a day to day basis.Through high
quality design,manufacture,technical support and commitment to the customer
services,we have greatest confidences to meet customers’ needs."

Company Name: Habitat Property Limited
Contact name: Adrian Roberts
Main region covered: Hong Kong
City: Hong Kong
Address: LG/F, 80 Stanley Village Rd, Stanley
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Contact Tel: +852 2880 9069
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Services offered :
Description of services: Habitat is a young and energetic company with a unique perspective. We identify the ideal apartment for you by investing additional time in locating distinctive properties that become available and learning about your lifestyle preferences. We begin by assessing the sort of home you wish to live in and then assist with property search, lease negotiation, and complete relocation assistance. Habitat will assist you in relocating to Hong Kong. Additionally, we ensure that you become acquainted with Hong Kong - where to go, restaurants, bars, galleries, and shops, for example. Consider the following things we give to keep you informed about current events and the best sources available in Hong Kong. Habitat is a boutique real estate firm specialising in executive property searches, lease negotiations, and relocation services. Our service is designed for executives and their families who demand a higher level of service and attention to detail than is frequently provided by large agencies when relocating to Hong Kong. A highly customised strategy is used to ensure that the appropriate property is located to satisfy the individual's and/or family's demands. We analyse your family and job obligations, as well as your lifestyle preferences, to discover an ideal location for you to live. The negotiation procedure and lease arrangement are highlighted in particular. We recognise that the duration of expatriate staff's stay in Hong Kong may vary depending on the employer's staffing requirements. As a result, we pay particular attention to break terms, assignment rights, and penalty clauses, among other things. We maintain a comprehensive property database in Hong Kong. Additionally, we collaborate with some of Hong Kong's leading moving businesses to acquire first-hand knowledge about new homes that will come on the market as people relocate or leave Hong Kong.

Company Name: voyagerpet
Contact name: voyagerpet
Main region covered: Guangxi
City: 0
Address: 8 JinShi Road East, Shiling, Huadu, Guangzhou, China
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Services offered : Promotional Items
Description of services: Voyager Pet Products Co., Ltd is a professional pet products manufacturer and global distributor of high quality Outdoor and travel goods such as Pet Treat Pouch, Dog Boots, pet carrier mainly, and we also OEM for the relative good quality pet products too, such as dog raincoats,life-jacket and dog training things,pet travel bowl and so on. Since 2013's production, we could be flexible with our client"s requirements, brand awareness, and price point. Honesty is the best policy. Our goal is to be commitment, reputable and be trust supplier for the professional lover pet owner. Welcome you to build the long-term co-operation with us. For further information on voyagerpet, please visit Feel free to call us at 86-17702679027 You can email us at

Company Name: MS Machining
Contact name: MS Machining
Main region covered: Guangdong
City: Jiangmen
Address: Gao Ning Industrial Park, Gao Xin District, Jiang Men City, Guang Dong, China
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Contact Tel: +86 13929039191
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Services offered : Business Consulting, Manufacture, Manufacture
Description of services: MS Machining provides traditional custom machining services such as turning, drilling, and milling to our customers. We used manual and semi-automatic drilling and milling machines, and lathes to produce parts for our customers.

MS Machining was established in 2004 and has evolved into a multi-facility operation with locations in Jiangmen City, Guang Dong, China, supplying high precision machining parts and related services to international customers. We employ a highly-skilled workers team of 200+ people that operate 30+ precision machining centers, 30+ precision turning machines, 30+ punching machines, 20+ hydraulic press machines, 5+ laser welding machines, 3x QC line, and 3x assembly line, in a combined climate-controlled environment of 30,000+ square feet.

MS Machining Precision Machining serves as a global manufacturing supplier of non-standard and standard precision CNC machining components.

Company Name: Cilicon
Contact name: Cilicon
Main region covered: Guangdong
City: Shenzhen
Address: Factory building No.2, Gongye 3rd road, Langxin community, Shiyan Road, Bao'an
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Contact Tel: 0086-130-8889-0691
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Services offered : Health Care
Description of services: Cilicon is a globally trusted cannabis vape brand and technology platform. In Cilicon, innovative cannabis vaporizer solutions make cannabis easier, smarter & more effective. By entering the next generation cannabis vaping, our core vape technologies drive our future and continue to contribute our partner success. As an open cananbis vaporizer platform to all industry participators, we maintain the spirit of innovation and perfection to delight our customers with diverse cannabis vape solutions and equip you with competitve edges in business growth.

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