Tuesday, 20 August 2019

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Contact name: Sandy
Address: Room 50, No.98 West Fangcun Avenue, Liwan District, Guangzhou 510360, China
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Post Code: 510360
Contact Tel: +8613688895094
Email Address: san_w1108@163.com
Web Address: http://https://www.brazing-soldering.com/products
Services offered : Industrial Supplies, Storage
Description of services: As a Brazing specialist, Guangzhou Zhenhu Welding Consumables Co. Ltd. offers the most comprehensive and widest range of brazing alloys and complementary products in a variety of different make-ups, from standard forms to custom engineered forms to meet your specific demands: bare rods, coated rods, wires, strips (solid and trimetals), rings, slugs, shims, discs, washers, preforms, powders, pastes, fluxes… for Torch brazing, Induction Brazing and Brazing in oven.

Company Name: Richfields Plastics
Contact name: Isaiah Nopuente
Address: Unit 607, Tower 3, Enterprise Square Phase 1, 9 Sheung Yeut Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, HK
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Post Code: 999077
Contact Tel: +85260821526
Email Address: ijnopuente2@gmail.com
Web Address: https;//www.richfieldsplatics.com
Services offered : Plastics, Plastics, Plastics
Description of services: Richfields Corporation was founded in 2001 between several private investment groups from Hong Kong along with individuals with decades of manufacturing experience in China. The majority of the company is now held by a private investment group out in Hong Kong.

Company Name: Sanforce Technology Shenzhen Co.,Ltd 
Contact name: Jenny Tan
Address: No.29,Longfeng Road, Longgang District,Shenzhen, China
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Post Code: 518116
Contact Tel: 86 13530283527
Email Address: contact@sanforce-tech.com
Web Address: http://https://www.sanforce-tech.com/
Services offered : Electrical Wholesale
Description of services: Sanforce is a manufacturer specializing in emergency conversion kits for LED and fluorescent lighting since 2013.We cooperate with valuable supply chain, inspect all the incoming materials and set up strict product assurance system, such as SMT, Auto Aging test, Simulation test during our production process. We have very skillful and responsible workers, most of them have been working here over 6 years. With strong technical support and customer- oriented service, you can be sure that Sanforce is ready to support you, whatever your needs.