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Company Name: The ODM Group
Contact name: Conor O'Donovan
Main region covered: Guangdong
City: Zhuhai
Address: 4A Hung Chu Bldg, Jida Jiuzhou Avenue
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Post Code: 519015
Contact Tel: +867563978944
Email Address: theodmgroup@gmail.com
Web Address: http://www.theodmgroup.com/
Services offered : Promotional Items, Marketing and Advertising
Description of services: The ODM Group designs high quality promotional gifts for global market. We at ODM Group have dedicated team of designers to provide excellent manufacturing solutions. We design high quality products to fit in client’s brand and image. The ODM Group ship worldwide and take care of logistics of our client.

Company Name: Zhuhai Ading Technology Company Limited
Contact name: Ka Seng Lai
Main region covered: Guangdong
City: Zhuhai
Address: Hengqin Xinqu, Baohualu No.6, Room.105 - 4638
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Post Code: 519031
Contact Tel: +8618165607810
Email Address: jacko.lai@callaladdin.com
Web Address: http://www.callaladdin.com
Services offered : Information Services, Accommodation, Entertainment
Description of services: Zhuhai Ading Technology Company Limited specializes in helpdesk and customer services related software development. The Company operates in Hengqin, Zhuhai, Guangdong province. The Company currently is developing an E-Commerce service called "Aladdin Assistant" - www.callaladdin.com. The online service provides customers with virtual assitants concierge service in China.